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Welcome to Witt’s Quality Bait & Tackle! We’re Detroit Lakes’ one and only exclusive fishing shop. If it’s not fishing, we don’t waste our time on it!

We stock all the best rods, reels, tackle, and other bits and bobbers that fishermen need to master the world’s greatest sport. If you’re an experienced angler and want a new lure to replace the one you snagged on a log, come on in. If you’re an out-of-towner and want to equip an entire fishing trip in our beautiful neck of the woods, come on in. If you just need to tell another soul about the one that got away, come on in! You’ll always find a sympathetic ear at Witt’s.

Everyone who works here lives to fish. They can lend any expertise you might need about gear, tackle, bait, or the 378 pristine lakes in Becker County, Minnesota. And we fish all year round, so we’ll have you ready to get out there and ruin a fish’s day in the spring, summer, winter or fall.

If you’d like a local expert to show you to our area’s hottest fishing spots, then we’ll introduce you to a real master guide. And fish cannot resist our wide selection of live bait, which we keep fresh, well-nourished and … well, lively!

Everything You Need to Fish the Ice or Open Water

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“Quality bait guaranteed to catch fish or die trying”